Weightloss Help Blog Carnival: Quick Weight Loss Tips for Sept 9, 2009

weightloss help blog carnival
Hi everybody!  It’s that time of the week again.  In this weeks weightloss help blog carnival we have six articles for you to enjoy.  We even had video submissions!  Enjoy and let me know what you thought.

Andy presents Videos – Stop Binge Eating – 3 Tips | How To Stop Eating – Stop Binge Eating posted at How To Stop Eating – Stop Binge Eating, saying, “Here are 3 recent videos I made filled with tips on how to stop binge eating. Binge eating is simply overeating. It’s when you start eating a certain food and can’t stop. Often people experience binge eating when consuming junk foods or comfort foods.”

Carol Solomon presents Stress Eating and Hormones posted at Carol Solomon. Research shows that 46% of Americans are less careful about what they eat when stress is high. People are also more likely to eat quickly and binge eat when stressed.

Colin Timberlake presents Training Log: The Wrong Advices – Day 22 posted at colintimberlake.com, saying, “A day of hard training inspired by Olympic swimmer and elderly butt kicker Dawn Fraser”

Vegetarian Star presents Bob Harper Goes Vegetarian, Drops 100 Cholesterol Points posted at Vegetarian Star, saying, “Bob Harper, “Biggest Loser” coach, went vegetarian and lost 100 cholesterol points.”

Andy presents Tips to Stop Eating Junk Foods posted at test, saying, “Cravings for junk foods and fast food are often a big problem for someone who’s trying to lose a few pounds. You have probably have tried to stop eating junk foods and found it very difficult.”

Alan Overton presents How To Lose Belly Fat With Swiss ball Exercises | Lifetime Fitness 4 Men posted at Lifetime Fitness 4 Men, saying, “Swiss ball exercises, known also as exercise ball workouts, stability ball exercises, gym ball exercises and exercise ball exercises, have become popular in the pursuit of losing belly fat and attaining lifetime fitness.”

That’s it for this weeks weightloss help edition.  Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section below.  Suggestions for future topics are also welcomed.  Also, don’t forget to take our quick survey and get the Secrets to Successful Weight Loss report for free!

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  • Colin Timberlake

    September 9, 2009

    Solid carnival, thanks for including me!

    Keep up the good work.

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